about my glass

While working in various media- glass, stone, paper et al., – I have focused mainly on glass as a medium for the expression of my interest in letterform. By working on 3D surfaces I have been able to realise the intrinsic beauty of abstact calligraphy; by working on transparent surfaces I have discovered the excitement of overlay patterns,fragmenting as they  interact in space, through the dynamic of 3D form. In using opaque overlay glass a more colouristic and tactile medium has evolved, making possible the use of solid structures of multiple overlaid letter-surfaces, differentiated by colour contrast,resulting in designs of a more intricate complexity, and greater sculptural presence.

I design the glass from its inception through to completion, which involves a process of making [hot and cold process], and a process of engraving [mask- cutting and sandblasting]. There is a great deal of control and planning involved and I am able to specify every detail;- and then the glass takes over!  The end result is therefore very much  a collaboration between  glass-maker,  myself and the glass. In the end the glass has the last ‘say’-that is the magic of glass!


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