I regularly undertake commissioned projects on behalf of both public persons -e.g. H.M.The Queen Mother- corporate and civic entities and private persons;  public presentations and private gifts and collectors.

Designs evolve through a personal dialogue with the client, who is able to determine the content and scope of the work, to progress toward the realisation of fully personalised, unique design. Prices vary of course, but a range from £400-£1000 will cover most eventualities.

I undertake commissions for stone-carved memorials and inscriptions on a regular basis; both public and private occasions, whether headstones, memorial plaques or other letter-sculpture.

The types of stone are normally restricted to local or indigenous types of sandstone, limestone or slate, all of which exist in myriad varieties, textures and colours.

Examples of public memorials include the Captain Cook Memorial restoration situated in Stewart Park, Middlesborough, and the Newton Aycliffe War Memorial, County Durham.

All work is undertaken on a one-to-one personal contact basis, with each design being the realisation of the client’s wishes wedded to my own aesthetic ideals of controlled craftsmanship and well-balanced design.

Geographical areas are inclusive; with the development of the complex carrier networks of our modern transport systems, stones can be transported overnight to anywhere in the U. K. Therefore there need be no restriction on accessibility.Stones are invariably fixed, and any work undertaken on site by an experienced monumental mason located locally. 

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